Summer Night With The Middletons - Part 1

It was a hot summer night. I had just finished cleaning the big tea table in the dining room. I had a look on my clock. 11pm, it was time for me to go to bed. I was very tired.

I had a lovely, cold shower, before locking all the doors. It was very quiet in the palace, the Queen had gone on holiday with Philipp and William went on a golfing trip with Harry over the weekend. I wasn’t sure about Kate. Maybe her and Pippa had gone out to one of their famous parties. I went back upstairs, turned off the lights and lied down. Just before I closed my eyes, I heard a noise outside. Someone must have come home, but I was too lazy to check. I closed my eyes for good and went to sleep …

In the middle of the night I was thirsty and woke up. I made my way through the darkness to reach for a glass of water. I had a sip or two and went back to my bed. When I sat down on the edge of it, I could feel something warm gently touching my thigh, which scared me a lot. I couldn’t see a thing and it took me a while to finally find the switch to turn on the light. I couldn’t believe what I saw: Kate Middleton. Naked. In my bed.

“Kate … I mean, Princess Catherine. I mean … what are you doing here?!”

“Shhh, pretty boy. Call me Kate. I want your cock so badly.” 

“Wait, what?  Kate, are you drunk?”

“Maybe.” She winked at me and smiled. She had no idea how much I loved her smile. “W-what have you been doing to me while I was asleep? And, a-and who’s that in the bathroom?”

“You know who. We were on our way upstairs after getting home, when we heard you calling our name.. So, tell me, what was that dream all about?” She smiled again. I didn’t want this to happen. The Queen would kill me if she knew about this.

Of course I knew who that was in my shower. It had to be Pippa,

“Alright Kate, that’s enough. I will carry you to your room now. You need some sleep. How much have you been drinking?!”

“You know you want to put that in my mouth. Do it. That’s an order!.” She pointed at my cock. “Do it, now!”

“I can’t. Honestly. Oh Kate, please stop it.” I tried to pick her up but she pushed my hands away. “Don’t touch me! I always get what I want.”  

I sat down on the edge of the bed, rubbing my eyes just in case I was dreaming.

Kate started crawling towards me with a big smile on her face. Should I take this opportunity? What if I get caught? Before I even had the chance to decide, Kate grabbed my cock and stroked it gently. Her hands were so soft, it felt great. “Kate, no do- … oh fuck.”

I just wanted to give her a kiss. I grabbed her neck, pushed my lips on hers and we both fell onto the mattress. She climbed on top of me and we stared at each other for a few seconds. “You’re so beautiful, Kate. I hope you know that. I hope I can make this a night you will never ever forget.” I started kissing her thighs. When the bathroom door suddenly opened.

There she was. Pippa. I’ve had a crush on her ever since she visited the palace for the first time, a couple of weeks before the Royal Wedding. She wore a sexy black thong and held a bottle of champagne in her hand. “I see, you two have already started without me. Rude!” she joked whilst grabbing a wine glas and sat down on my bed. I was confused. “Aren’t you and Kate having some of that?”

I couldn’t keep my eyes of her body. It was in perfect shape. “Me and Kate don’t need a glass. I have a much better idea.” She giggled and winked at Kate. She poured it all over my cock. “Sit back and and let us get that cock nice and hard, so you can fuck us over here.”

They both grabbed my cock and began to lick my glans. “Oh girls… oh … ohhh!”

[to be continued]

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